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    Voice & Piano: Natalia Kotsani

    Here, a model of coupled random oscillators is applied to granular synthesis. The “stiffness” of the coupling governs each grain emitter’s tendency to synchronize with the other grain emitters. When several grain emitters are all coupled together, the tendency to synchronize becomes nonlinear. The grains were taken from a recording of the folk song from Smyrna “Λιβισιανή μου πέρδικα” (“Livisiani mou perdika”).

    “When we speak, we want our interlocutor to listen to us; we revive his attention with meaningless interpellations (of the type “Hello, hello, can you hear me?”); unassuming as they are, these words and expressions are yet in some way discreetly dramatic: they are appeals, modulations–should I say, thinking of birds: songs?–through which a body seeks another body …what is lost in transcription is quite simply the body–at least this exterior (contingent) body which, in a dialogue, flings toward another body, just as fragile (or frantic) as itself, messages that are intellectually empty, the only function of which is in a way to hook the Other…”

    Roland Barthes, The Grain of the Voice