Recent and Upcoming

    I’m excited to announce that I will be doing the string arrangements for Natalia Kotsani’s upcoming solo album of Greek folk songs (to be released in 2023).

    I had the pleasure of doing string arrangements for The Byrd Project. It’s a collection of original and traditional songs released by many Atlanta musicians in memory of Amy Byrd.

    It was an honor to play cello in on the Fractal Nature of Being… by Bill Manaris at the Megaron in Athens, Greece.

    06.01.2022 So cool to be in Greece for the 100th birthday of Xenakis. I gave a workshop and a paper presentation on the stochastic rhythm of cicada choruses, with Natalia Kotsani, Anastasia Georgaki, and Miles Warrington at the Xenakis 2022 Centenary International Symposium at the University of Athens.

    This summer I taught a workshop called Musical Programming in Python at the University of Athens, Greece. The focus was on real-time music generation in the Python language. I love the music the students made.
    Listen to student projects here.